Morteau sausage, comté cheese, absinthe, Jura wines, Mont d'Or, morbier... you're bound to know at least one of these products. Hardly surprising, as these delicious specialities are what the Jura mountains are famous for. Whether prepared by a Michelin-starred chef or in your own kitchen, they offer inspiration for some very tasty dishes. So let us tell you where to buy them and how to cook them!


Cheese addicts have a truly outstanding platter to choose from. Hard cheese, soft cheese, cheese spread and even a "liquid" cheese called cancoillotte. Here there's a cheese to suit every taste.

Comté dairies and regional produce outlets

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Other local produce

Local specialities are also an invitation to travel. And the Jura Mountains have plenty to get your mouth watering. Besides cheese, other fabulous local products include salted meats, and the wines and spirits of Jura. Enjoy!


Time to try one of our typical dishes!

Baked Mont d'Or, quenelle with nantua sauce, morbiflette... are you familiar with any of these specialities? If not, then it's time you tried them!

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Top 5 specialities from the Jura Mountains

The people of the Jura mountains do enjoy a good meal! Here is the best of their favourite dishes on which to feast your eyes and tastebuds. Authentic, typical dishes that are easy to make. 

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Jura-Mountain-style Christmas dinner

Why not add a touch of the mountains of Jura to your Christmas dinner? Here, it'll be comté-cheese gougères, fattened Bresse chicken with morels, Cerdon wine and comté-style epiphany cake!

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