Besides a wealth of natural features, the Jura Mountains also boast a very rich array of sights and built heritage, including UNESCO sites, medieval castles, a neoclassical villa, towns and villages full of character, forts serving as Comté maturing cellars, and museums devoted to local craftsmanship. A host of ideas for day trips and longer excursions!

architectural treasures

Life at the château

A castle or château tour will have you feeling like a princess, a knight or the owner of a palace! Soak up the atmosphere of these impressive buildings dotted across the Jura Mountains.

A wealth of culture

Improve your knowledge at the museums

The Jura Mountains are full of riches and the destination's array of museums is no exception. Perpetuated craftsmanship (spectacles, woodwork, etc.), regional products exported across the world (Comté and Laughing Cow cheeses), world-class artists such as Courbet, and a unique biodiversity that is showcased and waiting to be discovered... A museum for every taste!

Musée de la lunette de Morez - Benjamin Becker - BFC Tourisme

TOP 10 museums to visit as a family


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heritage riches

Towns and villages of character 

Succumb to the charm of our listed villages, towns of Art & History, and other heritage gems, large or small, often nestled in a heavenly setting.

Four UNESCO world heritage features

Archaeology, salt farming, a powerful fortress and a visionary architecture: 4 individual stories to discover 4 UNESCO sites that share a universal history.

Nowhere else

Comté cheesemaking secrets

Soak up the unique and fascinating atmosphere of a cheese maturing cellar. Visit Fort des Rousses or Fort Saint Antoine to discover how such a wide range of tastes and aromas develops in comté cheese. And the tour ends of course with a tasting session!

Discover museums, castles and palaces

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