Imagine yourself comfortably seated in your canoe or kayak, gliding across the water to explore one of the region's many lakes, gentle rivers, whitewater torrents and other aquatic treasures. For family fun, choose a thrilling descent of the River Loue or a calm exploration of a lake such as Saint-Point or Chalain! Alternatively, you can rent a paddleboard or pedalo for a gentle approach, or enjoy the pleasant whitewater challenge of riding the rapids!

Lake and river canoeing in the Jura Mountains

Nothing matches canoeing when it comes to exploring from a different angle the lakes and rivers that make the reputation of our beloved Jura Mountains. Armed with oars, you'll be mesmerised by the water shimmering in the sun and the surrounding scenery of green forest and blue water.

Canoeing & kayaking as a family

Want to cool off? Fancy letting off steam and airing your lungs at the same time? (Especially for children who never seem to need a rest!)

Why not go canoeing on a lake or river? Just choose your spot and canoe rental outlet and you're ready to explore!

There's no shortage of canoe rentals in the Jura Mountains! Most outlets are strategically located with direct access to the water and there's always a car park nearby.

If you and your children are the adventurous type, opt for the freedom of rental only, without a guide, and choose your own pace. This way you can stop whenever you want for a break, a dip or a picnic and nobody will get bored!

But if this is your first canoeing experience, you may choose to call upon the services of a professional guide who has perfect knowledge of the route and canoeing conditions. The ideal solution for a stress-free start.

Canoe rentals

Did you know?

What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

Although canoes and kayaks look very similar, there are in fact a few differences.

For a start, historically speaking, the canoe was used by native North Americans, while the kayak was used by the Inuits.

A double oar is used with a kayak, while a canoe is manoeuvred with a single oar.

Another difference is the user's position; in a kayak your legs are stretched out in front of you while in a canoe you're usually seated or kneeling.

Whitewater descents

Adrenalin thrills

The pace changes now as we find ourselves in very white water.

The River Ain and the River Bienne offer a succession of kettle holes, rapids, waves and whirlpools, for a hair-raising descent that requires a degree of technical expertise and a good level of physical fitness. But you can learn to do whitewater canoeing at any age.

Besides, the Jura Mountains have all the appropriate faciities, including the Lavancia whitewater stadium, a slalom pool and recognised national training facility installed on the River Bienne, and another at Goumois on the Franco-Swiss section of the Doubs.


On calm waters

Glide across the water on a paddleboard or pedalo

The calm lakes of the massif of Jura are absolutely perfect for pedalos and paddleboards.

Fans of ultra-trendy sports will go for stand-up paddleboarding. It's easy to get the hang of so why deprive yourself of that panoramic view? Standing on your board is the perfect way to enjoy total peace and quiet as you observe the local plants and wildlife.

During your trip on the water, you're bound to come across a swan with its head held high, or the black-and-white form of a coot. Both of these birds are a familiar sight on these mountain lakes.

Pedalos are a delight for families. Mum and Dad will do the pedalling while the children dive off the platform. 

Julie HANN - BFC Tourisme

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