You don't have to go far to find a destination that appeals to everyone. Far from the crowds, the landscape of the Jura Mountains is both rich and exciting. Authentic resorts and nature herself, with safety and savings into the bargain! Countless activities in settings worthy of the Far North, with cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, biathlon, dog-sledding, etc., and wonderful, often intimate places where you can take a break and a breath of fresh air. Last but not least, a heritage that's still very much alive when it comes to good food, sightseeing and making discoveries!

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Wide open spaces, a pleasant winter atmosphere and a sense of serenity.

For skiing down the slopes

3 family ski resorts

Welcome to Les Rousses, Métabief and Monts-Jura, 3 small family resorts for a revitalising winter holiday. Dreaming of a reassuring return to nature? The atmosphere of a resort without the crowds and exorbitant prices? An authentic mountain spirit? Then you're in the right place!

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For exploring along the trails

Heaven for cross-country skiers

With more than 3000km of trails in the great outdoors, the Jura Mountains are a Nordic skiing paradise. This mid-mountain destination is the ideal place to progress amid the generosity of nature fulfilled. Many of the itineraries start from the villages that nestle reassuringly, deep in the peaceful valleys.

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Selected for you

Outstanding accommodation

Cosy, high end, at the foot of the slopes, easy to reach or far from the world

Discover our carefully selected chalets and refuges where you can enjoy hospitality that meets your winter holiday expectations...

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Snow, skiing, but that's not all!

There's much more to winter in the Jura Mountains...

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Off the beaten track

Activities galore

Play at trappers on snowshoes, drive a dog sled, go skating on a frozen lake, try ski-joering... whichever Nordic pleasure you choose!

Culinary pleasures

Boite Chaude & togetheness

At their restaurants, top chefs and local cooks prepare favourite local dishes for you to try: morbiflette, Jura-style fondue, boîte chaude (baked Mont d'Or cheese), Morteau sausage and other salted meats, all washed down with the wines of Jura.

M.COQUARD et E.DETREZ Bestjobers
Encounters and discoveries

Tours and craftsmanship

To soak up the mountain spirit, there's nothing like discovering the local traditions: tour of a maturing cellar, a wooden toy factory, a Franco-Swiss clockmaker's... You'll be spoilt for choice.

Be inspired

Consult our brochure

The Jura Mountains tourism magazine is a mine of information. Full of recommendations, it has all you need to make a success of your next winter holiday!

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