Loop 10: Escapade in the Pays du Haut-Jura
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Loop 10: Escapade in the Pays du Haut-Jura


All the soul of a region comes through in this difficult but exceptional loop through the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park.
This 119km itinerary from Les Rousses first reveals the alpine ski resorts of Les Jouvencelles, La Darbella and La Serra on the slopes of the immense Massacre forest before reaching Lamoura and the Combe du Lac, the starting point of the Transjurassienne, the largest cross-country ski race in France. There, begins a long descent by the Côte de Chaumont (a remarkable descent) close to the superb Queue de Cheval waterfall to Saint-Claude, capital of the Haut-Jura at the confluence of the Bienne and Tacon rivers. The ascent to the Grandvaux plateau via the Valfin bends dominates the steep gorges of the Bienne for 4km and winds through dry grasslands and fir forests (pessières) to the two lakes of Etival. On the Grandvaux plateau, the superb glacial lake of l'Abbaye stretches through undulating landscapes where meadows and forests alternate. The descent to Morez - with its designer eyewear museum - follows the valley of the Bienne and the "Hirondelles" railway line with its dizzying viaducts before taking the Prémanon hill (a remarkable 8km climb), training ground for the French Nordic ski teams. Up to Les Rousses, the view is exceptional on the succession of combes, the Dôle (1677m) and the Mont Fier (1282m).

  • 2063 m
  • 121 Km
  • Very difficult
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