The Malatrait tour
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The Malatrait tour


The landscapes crossed by this circuit reflect well this part of the Hautes-Combes, a mesh of hollows and ridges where the farms are scattered, scattering their agricultural activities. Some curiosities, specific to this area, will be the occasion to take a break, such as the sound site of the combe du Berbois.

From the church square in La Pesse, go up the road towards the Lion marker to the Combe du Berbois.

From there, you can admire the view of the Monts Jura from the "borne au Lion". Climb to the left on a stone path and pass a small pass at the level of the Malatrait farm. Go down the path into the valley and join a gravel path.

Then, go down again to the left on the track that crosses the Reculet valley to reach the D25 at Anquerne.
Take this road to the left for a few metres and go down on the right on a very stony track (be careful on the way down!) to the Embouteilleux lake.

At the lake, go up a small road and follow the D25 to the right. Pass the Embossieux and enter the village of La Pesse.

Departure LA PESSE
Arrival LA PESSE
  • 300 m
  • 13 Km
  • Difficult
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