Tour des Lacs - VTT - n°18
Mountain biking

Tour des Lacs - VTT - n°18


Unmissable itinerary: a breath of fresh air and unforgettable memories of the Jura! The lakes and peat bogs of Bellefontaine and Les Mortes represent an ecological context of very great value with their characteristic vegetation of the boréo-arctic type. These lakes are among the highest in the Jura.

Departure: Chalet Infos de Bellefontaine - 4559 route des Fontaines - 39400 Bellefontaine

To discover on the way:

Lakes and bogs


The streams that meander the Bog

Nearby point of interest:

La Taillerie in Bellefontaine
The Comtoise clocks in Bellefontaine

Viewpoint: On the Lakes

  • 210 m
  • 11 Km
  • Mean level
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