Le torrent du monde exhibition

Le torrent du monde exhibition


Quentin Guichard (born 1986) explores the enigma of our origins in his work. Observing the folds of nature before capturing its secret movement, his approach aspires to capture the universal breath that animates all things. He takes the language of photography to its limits, through a prism where the invisible is revealed in the cracks of rock and the convolutions of water. His work tells a poetic story of the formation of space and time, in search of what he calls the telluric thickness of reality.
For this exhibition, entitled Le torrent du monde, an expression borrowed from Paul Cézanne, Quentin Guichard is pursuing his original quest by creating a body of original works, the result of several phases of residency in the Pays de Courbet, where materials and light are nourished by secret correspondences with the paintings of Gustave Courbet. From the basaltic eruptions of Iceland to the limestone walls of the Loue, the artist seeks the unity of life in the cracks in the rock, extending the desire of the master of Ornans to make stones think.

Le torrent du monde exhibition
Ferme Courbet
28 Grande Rue
25330 FLAGEY
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From 27/04/24 to 30/09/24 of 11:00 to 12:15

From 01/10/24 to 03/11/24 of 13:00 to 17:00

From 27 April to 30 September, daily except Tuesday, 11am to 12.15pm and 1pm to 7pm // From 1 October to 3 November, Wednesday to Sunday, 1pm to 5pm

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