Les visites de l'automne à Dinoplagne
Course / Workshop, Guided tours

Les visites de l'automne à Dinoplagne


The guided tour will be followed by a geological digging workshop to take home an authentic Jurassic fossil. Labelled as a sensitive natural area, Dinoplagne® is home to the longest track of titanosaur footprints in the world! Discover 3 minutes of life of a gigantic animal 145 million years ago in the Jurassic period in the middle of an authentic natural mountain site! Under the canopy, thanks to virtual reality helmets, you will travel 150 million years ago in Plagne and observe Odysseus and Maxime in their environment of the time. Sensations guaranteed, a must try!

Les visites de l'automne à Dinoplagne
Dinoplagne ®
Route départementale 49
01130 PLAGNE
Prices & Schedules

From 23/10/23 to 03/11/23 of 14:30 to 00:00

  • Ermäßigter Satz : 10€
  • Base rate : 12€ - 14€
  • Child rate : 8€ - 10€

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