Pêche au Lac de Virieu

Pêche au Lac de Virieu


Lake regulations for the year 2024 :

> Fishing is allowed all year round, from the shore or with a boat, on the entire lake, swimming takes precedence over fishing, especially from 1 July to 31 August.

> From 1 July to 31 August :
Fishing is forbidden in the bathing area. Outside the bathing area, fishing is authorised from sunrise to 10am and from 6.30pm to sunset and when bathing is not supervised.

> The opening dates for fishing are as follows:
- Rainbow trout is open all year round, with a no kill period from 1 January to the second Saturday in March, and from the third Saturday in September to 31 December.
- Trout are open from the second Saturday in March to the third Sunday in September.
- Carp is open all year round as well as white fish, night fishing is prohibited.
- Pike from the 1st to the 31st of January inclusive, the 30th of April to the 31st of December inclusive.

The legal size of the trout is fixed at 30cm, whether it is Fario trout or Rainbow trout and this during the opening dates as fixed by article 2. Two fish per day and per angler.
The size of the pike is fixed at 70cm, one fish per day and per angler.
The size of the pike-perch is fixed at 60cm, one fish per day and per angler.
No size for black bass, but no-kill fishing all year round.
Carp will be fished in no-kill all year round.
Concerning catfish fishing, it is forbidden to release these fish in the lake.

Boats, float tubes, boats etc. are allowed, without motorisation and equipped with the obligatory safety equipment, except from 1st July to 31st August when the use of boats is forbidden.
A dedicated area will be set up for launching. No boats will be allowed to remain on the lake during the night or on the site of the lake of Virieu.
For the duration of the opening of the fishery, two rods with a maximum of two hooks on each line are authorised, except for rainbow trout fishing where only one rod held in the hand is authorised.
During the winter trout season, only one rod held in the hand, the use of natural bait is forbidden, fly fishing and lures adapted to trout are allowed.

Dogs are not allowed in the swimming area.
Wild camping and bivouacking, day or night, is strictly forbidden.
Picnics are tolerated in the respect of the environment. Campfires and barbecues are strictly prohibited.

Pêche au Lac de Virieu
Route au Lac
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From 01/01/24 to 31/12/24

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