Pêchez dans le Jura

Pêchez dans le Jura


Fishing cards for La Gaule Salinoise, La Truite du Val d'Amour and La Gaule Lédonienne are on sale at the three offices of the Arbois Poligny Salins Coeur du Jura Tourist Office:

-> Daily pass
-> Weekly pass
-> Annual pass:
- Gaule Salinoise (Jura departmental reciprocity option)
- Truite du Val d'Amour (Jura departmental reciprocity option)
- Gaule Lédonienne (Jura departmental reciprocity option)
- Women (Jura departmental reciprocity option)
- Minors (Jura departmental reciprocity option)
- Under 12s

* La Gaule Salinoise:

- Fishing spots:
1st category fishing lots on private land
- The Furieuse
- Le Lizon Supérieur
- La Vache à Marnoz
Private 2nd category fishing grounds
-L'étangs des chèvres at Clucy
- Fish population:
On the Furieuse
- Upstream of Salins: trout and sculpin.
- Downstream of Salins: trout, minnow, loche, chub, blageon, barbel.
On the upper Lizon
- trout and minnow.
-No-kill runs
- On the Gouaille stream: Gouaille/Blégny intersection as far as the Abbaye de Gouaille (see reverse of Jura rivers map).

*The Trout of the Val d'Amour

-Fishing spots:
1st category fishing lots on private land
- La Loue
- Ruisseau La Champagnole
-Specific regulations
Fishing prohibited from bridges
On the La Champagnole stream, the Loue.
Please note: Refer to the table of reserves on the back of the Jura rivers map.
-NO-KILL routes
On the Loue

* La Gaule Lédonienne:

- Fishing spots
1st category fishing lots on private land
- The Seille, the Serein, the Sonnette, the Sorne, the Vallière, the Glantine, the Orain, the Brenne, the Gizia, the Besançon.
1st category public domain fishing lots
- The Ain, from the confluence with the Dudon to the old Mesnois dam.
Please note: for safety reasons, it is forbidden to enter the Blye power station.
2nd category fishing lots on private land
- La Vallière, l'Orain.
- La Grozonne, downstream of the Neuvilley bridge (Communes of oussières and Neuvilley)
- Étangs du Parc in Lons-le-Saunier. (1st category private domain)
- Étang Fillot at Larnaud (2nd category, private domain) (closed water)
-Youth course
At Messia sur Sorne 300 m. Reserved for holders of the "découverte -12 ans" card.
-NO-KILL course
1 course on the Seille
1 course on the Ain
1 course on the Vallière

Pêchez dans le Jura
Arbois, Poligny & Salins

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