Belvederes and peat bog of Nanchez

Belvederes and peat bog of Nanchez


Depending on the season, this walk takes you through flowering meadows in summer, fields of snow in winter where the tracks of the wild fauna are imprinted, and into the heart of the clear spruce forests and the taiga landscape of the peat bog.
From the viewpoints, wide perspectives open up on the combe and its winding streams, while to the east, the peaks of the Haute-Chaîne du Jura highlight the horizon.

Description of the route :
From PRENOVEL, take the road (yellow markings) around the holiday centre towards Champs de la Vie.
Carefully cross the departmental road, then through Champs de la Vie, go to the Pont de l'Arête.
Follow the forest road on the left to La Faicle. Climb a slightly steep slope on the left to the BELVEDERE DUCHET.
The path goes down on the right to Bois du Duchet. At the intersection, the path descends quickly to Sous Duchet.
Follow the grassy path to the right, dominating and parallel to the stream. Pass Le cotat Bossu and reach LA TOURBIERE. Below on the right, take the path that has been laid out to discover this specific natural environment.
At La croisée des Biefs, follow the path on your right, cross the stream and reach Le Pontet, at the level of the departmental road. Cross the road with care and walk along it for 140 m before climbing a well-marked steep slope in the forest, punctuated by BELVEDERE SUR LE FORT. Turn around, go back to Le Pontet, and head for PRENOVEL DE BISE via the hamlet of Arête.
Cross the road again to take a white path through the pastures to the entrance of the hamlet of Belbenoits. Go down on your left to La Passerelle. Continue on the white path parallel to the Nanchez reach, passing by Le Pont des Janiers.
At La Vigne, go back to the starting point by the municipal road.

This route crosses pastures with livestock. For the respect of the owners and farmers who allow you to pass, not to crush the hay, for the tranquility of the livestock and wildlife, you are invited to stay on the marked paths. Use the passages provided to cross the fences and make sure to close the gates.

Please keep your dog on a lead if you have one.

In the bog and surrounding meadows, the wild flowers are beautiful, can be rare and protected and often wither quickly. Do not pick them! They will delight the next hiker.

In the event of forestry work (felling, skidding, etc.), for your own safety, give up and turn back.

On the developed part of the peat bog (decking), between LA TOURBIERE and Le Pontet, for the well-being of all and the respect of this particular environment, some additional rules: do not leave the decking and do not use your bicycle.

Recommended parking:
Prénovel town hall in Nanchez

Services :
Toilets, bar, restaurant, snack bar at the Maison de Prénovel - Le Duchet holiday village

Departure NANCHEZ
  • 197 m
  • 9 Km
  • Mean level
For more informations Belvederes and peat bog of Nanchez
Belvederes and peat bog of Nanchez
Belvederes and peat bog of Nanchez

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