From gorges to ridges

From gorges to ridges


From the river Besançon to the edge of the first plateau, discover the feudal ruins of the Aubépin castle, in a preserved environment.

At the "Chapelle de Balanod" post, go towards "Fromagerie de Balanod" via the rue du Molard on the left bank of the river. At the 1886 fountain, turn left (towards "Montagna-le-Reconduit"), then keep right, pass the old spinning mill (a former paper mill created in the 16th century, replaced by a cardboard mill, which in 1839 became a fulling mill, then a dyeing workshop and finally a woolen mill; the factory closed in 1973) and continue for 200 m.
Turn left onto the Chemin de la Forge (towards Montagna). After the old forge, the water reservoir, the picnic area and the bridge over the Besançon, you come to a fork in the road.

Continue to the right towards Montagna. Take the road to the right, the street to the left, up to the church and past the wash house.

At the post "Montagna Le Reconduit", take the Rue des Cheviniers (direction "Tour de l'Aubépin"). At the junction of the Roman road, near the old stone cistern, continue straight on.

Cross the D51, pass "En Coise" and continue towards "L'Aubépin". At the crossroads of the D51 and D3E1, turn right into the car park and then "Sur la Roche".

Take the right-hand track, pass the "Belvédère de Montagna" and continue along the ridge track to "L'Aubépin".

Take the road to the right ("Tour de l'Aubépin") (turn left for a 300 m round trip to the tower) and the Hermitage path ("L'Hermitage"). At "Courmont", turn left and keep right. The track goes down into the undergrowth. Turn right and cross Chez-Coulot.

In the bend, take the path on the right. Begin the descent, then turn right and pass above the Vaucenans estate (equestrian centre). At "Vaucenans", go down the path opposite, then take the road on the right and find the car park.

Departure BALANOD
  • 300 m
  • 10 Km
  • Mean level
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