La Vigoureuse

La Vigoureuse


With your back to the Lamoura Tourist Office, turn right along the RD25, marked in yellow/red. In front of the hotel La Spatule, follow the small road to Lajoux. At Versoix, the itinerary leaves the road and follows a small path that goes right into the forest.

At the crossroads of Haut de la Giraude, take the path on the left marked in yellow which goes up to the road. Cross it carefully and walk along it on the right for a few steps. Then take the forest track which goes up on the left in the forest.

At the Bas des Thoramys, follow the tarmac road which rises to the right for 20m then leave it to take the small path which rises to the right and enters the forest. You cross the Bois Sur les Champs, a pleasant forest which leads you to the summit of the Vigoureuse, at 1347m.

Once you reach the Crêt de la Vigoureuse, enjoy the view of the Monts Jura, the Crêt de Chalam, the Col de la Faucille and the Mont Blanc. Continue straight on towards the Balise d'Amont, the path goes down into the woods.

At the Sous la Vigoureuse crossroads, turn left onto the path towards the Balise d'Amont. At the next fork in the road, stay on your left. You are on a cross-country ski trail.

The path leads to a beautiful valley, you are at the place called Balise d'Amont which offers a close view of the Dôle massif. Turn left to pass between the low stone walls. You will soon come across a dirt track leading up to a house. Follow it and turn around to enjoy the view of the Jura mountain range.

Follow the path upwards, surrounded by many low stone walls.

As the forest track begins to rise, leave it for a small path that goes left and passes a fence. Be sure to close the fence.

At Les Thoramys, fork left and walk along the coomb. At the end of this valley, climb to the right on the hillock to enjoy the view of the lake of Lamoura. Go back down and take the small path that goes down to the right in the forest. Be careful, this path is often slippery.

Go around the lake of Lamoura on the right. When you reach the car park of the lake, take the small "lovers' path" in the direction of Versoix to return to the Lamoura Tourist Office.

Departure LAMOURA
  • 315 m
  • 9.5 Km
  • Difficult

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