Beauregard Castle

Beauregard Castle


Strategically perched at an altitude of 660 m, this castle, whose ruins still bear witness to the battles it has seen, will take you back into seven centuries of history.

From the car park ("Gare de Verges"), go straight ahead on the PLM greenway.

At the "Le Tunnel" post, turn right towards "Bois de la Serville". Follow the road to the right, then turn right onto the wide track, sometimes in the undergrowth, sometimes on the edge of the forest, for 1.4 km, then turn left. At Les Baraques, continue to the right and cross the Bois de la Serville. At the "Bois de la Serville" post, continue to the right along the edge.

Turn right between the two woods and reach the "Baraques" crossroads. Go up on the gravel track, then fork left. Stay on the flank, then go down to "Bois du Dos d'Ane".

Take a right turn up to "Beauregard" (information panel on the Beauregard castle). From there, turn right and go down into the combe. At the T, go up to the left on the side path and reach a collet.

Turn left to go down to "Binans".

At the end of the hamlet, take the track on the right towards "Gare de verges / Le tunnel". Turn off onto the left-hand track. After 1 km, at the end of the clearing, go down the track on the left.

At the post "Le Tunnel", go left and return to the car park by the green lane.

Departure VERGES
Arrival VERGES
  • 345 m
  • 11.7 Km
  • Difficult

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