Smuggling routes - La Bricotte

Smuggling routes - La Bricotte


The year is 1816 and the country is in the grip of a food shortage. In the role of a "bricottière", you have to supply your family and your neighbours who are in need. Be careful to hide your food well: shoes, belts, hats, baskets, clothes... are all possible hiding places.
Before leaving, you take orders from friends or neighbours. On the way, you will have to look for the foodstuffs, make your purchases and bring them back from Switzerland without being caught by the French customs officers. You will discover the world of this small-scale smuggling which was necessary to survive in difficult times.
Itinerary loop
5 stages
77 km

the Belvederes of the Cendrée, the Roche Guillaume, the False Orchard,
the Echelles de la Mort, an emblematic site of Franco-Swiss smuggling,
the Doubs gorges,
the Biaufond lake,
the bellringers' pavilion and the Maison Monsieur site,
the Sapin Président, over 2 centuries old, 45 m high,
typical Jura landscapes, peat bogs and glacial valleys.

Departure MAICHE
Arrival MAICHE
  • 5
  • 2350 m
  • 77 Km
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