Smuggling routes - Le Colporteur

Smuggling routes - Le Colporteur


On the paths of Franco-Swiss smuggling, slip into the shoes of a peddler and learn about this multi-faceted trade.
Take a step back in time and rediscover the importance of peddling for the isolated mountain populations.

Duration of the route: 3 days
Length of the route: 45 km
Highlights: The medieval town of Saint-Ursanne, the Vallée d'Or and the characterful town of Saint-Hippolyte.

Collect your goods in Saint-Ursanne and then go to Saint-Hippolyte to sell them. On the way, you will discover that peddling is as much about ideas as it is about goods: in the past, peddlers were also known for their subversive ideas (pious books, pictures, etc.). In this respect, don't forget to discover the mysterious message hidden in the 3 letters to be delivered to their addressee in Montchéroux.

  • 3
  • 1250 m
  • 45 Km
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