The Bressan houses

The Bressan houses


This loop takes the hiker in the footsteps of the builders of Bresse. He crosses woods and discovers interesting fauna and flora at the edge of ponds.

The hiker observes the construction of the Bresse houses and discovers the materials found on the spot which were used: wood for the framework, raw or cooked earth for the filling and thatch for the roof. The construction technique used was the post and beam system rather than the load-bearing wall. In Commenailles, the 12 km itinerary takes you through its various hamlets, woods and ponds.
Departure from the town hall square towards Les Etanchots. After crossing the woods and before reaching Les Ongrilles, don't forget to go back and forth on the path leading to the sulphur spring. In the rue de l'Haut, the old school called "La Maison de l'Haut" was built with other materials, the commune having more means than the farmers to build their houses and farms. The Vernois pond, the most imposing, allows you to observe the fauna and flora before the dyke path and its birds. A short diversions via the Cailla pond then back to the starting point.

  • 90 m
  • 11 Km
  • Mean level
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The Bressan houses

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