Saint Hymetière and Valouse gorges

Saint Hymetière and Valouse gorges


A route with many points of interest: the Romanesque church of Saint-Hymetière, cave, waterfalls, overhanging cliffs and the banks of the Valouse.

At "Saint-Hymetière Église" (11th-12th century Romanesque church), cross the cemetery and take the path along the pond. At "Vers l'Étang", take the road to the right for 100 m, then turn left onto the gravel path. At the level of the
the conservatory orchard, turn left onto the path.

Take the path on the right. It goes down towards the Valouse gorges (panoramic view) and arrives near the river.

Follow the path to the right at the foot of the cliff.

At the "Moulin de l'Ile" crossroads, continue along the path on the right. It passes above the Moulin de l'Ile. Continue to the left along the path below the road, then continue along the path that extends the road.
the path that extends the road.

At "Haute Rue", continue towards "La Caborne", take the path to the Caborne du Boeuf (This cave has a total depth of 176 m underground and opens with a grandiose 20 m high porch; a lighting system allows access to a small room where large concretions hang). Under the vault, on the left, take the small path. It zigzags between the cliffs.

At "Sous Saillet", go up by the road for 100 m, then take the path on the left which winds between the meadows. Take the D 56E1 to the right and find the church of Saint-Hymetière.

It is possible to extend the itinerary by taking the Poulet belvedere circuit, which overlooks the hilly landscapes of the Valouse valley (difficult level route, 7 h, 22.8 km, 450 m difference in height, yellow markings):
From "Moulin de l'isle", cross the Valouse and pass the posts "Sur Buat", "Sous Mal Vent", "Genod". Go up to "Belvédère du Poulet", go down to "Combe Melon" then "Vosbles".
Go along the Valouse, find "Sur Buat" and "Moulin de l'isle". From there, continue along the main circuit.

  • 140 m
  • 7.5 Km
  • Mean level
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Saint Hymetière and Valouse gorges
Saint Hymetière and Valouse gorges

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