Path of the master forgers

Path of the master forgers


The trail of the forge masters takes the hiker back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when the inhabitants of Sellières and its surroundings made a living from turning iron ore into cast iron.

From Sellières, the path of the forge masters passes through Baudin. An industrial heritage site in its own right, the Forges de Baudin is a place rich in emotion, whose activity ceased in 1959. It is hard to imagine that 300 people lived here. Located on a former grain mill, a blast furnace was installed in 1794 by the forge masters to transform iron ore into cast iron and to produce numerous cast iron parts (stoves, cookers, enamelled plates...).
We then go up through the vineyards to Toulouse-le-Château and its fountain. The ruins of the Provost's only tower remain. Its belvedere offers a beautiful panorama of the Jura Bresse plain.
A gravel path then leads to the hamlet of Fangy, with its beautiful ochre-coloured stone houses and washhouse.
Return to Sellières and its rich heritage: old stones, window sills from forges, small squares, ramparts and narrow streets...

  • 112 m
  • 7.3 Km
  • Mean level
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Path of the master forgers
Path of the master forgers

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