Site Nordique de Pontarlier
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Site Nordique de Pontarlier


Pontarlier perfectly embodies the notion of "city in the mountains". Situated in the heart of the Jura Mountains, in the Doubs department, Pontarlier is a small town situated at an altitude of 850 m (making it one of the highest towns in France). It also reveals a ski area (3 Nordic sites and 1 Alpine site) bordering Switzerland at less than 5 min from the town centre. A godsend when you are looking for a change of scenery while enjoying the services and advantages of the city
The Nordic areas of Pontarlier are more than 90 km of cross-country ski runs, 40 km of snowshoe trails, 2 play areas, numerous services at the foot of the slopes (restaurants, rentals, ski schools, ...). Find the details of the equipment of the sites below
La Malmaison : site closest to Pontarlier, which will allow you to enjoy slopes for all levels, from the green, the easiest, to the black run, for the more experienced. The site has 7 cross-country trails and 2 snowshoe trails. There is also a playful learning area, a toboggan run and a lighted run (Lionel Duxin run: 2km every Tuesday and Thursday, 6.30pm-9pm)

Le Larmont / Gounefay: undoubtedly the most suitable for a family outing and the site that offers the most services, particularly with the Gounefay building, which offers a catering service and equipment hire. 5 cross-country ski trails and 4 snowshoe trails. Fun area (with conveyor belt), toboggan/snowtubing runs
Granges Dessus: a little further away from Pontarlier, the Granges Dessus site offers 5 cross-country runs, 3 snowshoe runs + a play area
Verrières de Joux: a small Franco-Swiss site, which will allow skiers to cross the border skiing on foot and benefit from Franco-Swiss reciprocity
GTJ : les Seignes -> Verrières de Joux : 17 km
Les Verrières -> Métabief : 26 km

Site Nordique de Pontarlier N°ASCBFC000V502QHA
Lieu dit le Gounefay
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Track info
Cross-country skiing :
19 Track (that is 93 km)
8 Verte 6 Bleue 3 Rouge 2 Noire
Snowshoes :
9 Track (that is 39 km)
9 itinéraires
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Prices & Schedules Opening :

Prices :
  • Base rate : 7€
  • Youth rate : 3€
  • Group rate (per person) : 6€
  • Group rate (per person) : 2€
  • Other rate : 3€

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