Site Nordique du Plateau de Maîche - Combe Saint-Pierre
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Site Nordique du Plateau de Maîche – Combe Saint-Pierre


At the very north of the Jura Mountains, in the heart of the Pays Horloger, lies the first Nordic domain of the massif: the Plateau de Maiche - Plateau du Russey
The Pays Horloger is distinguished by its atypical landscapes: scattered villages where the Comtoises farms are the main habitat, plateaux offering cross-country ski or snowshoe trails with beautiful open views
The Nordic sites of the Pays Horloger are located between 870 and 1,000 metres above sea level
In winter, there are many Nordic activities: 40 km of cross-country ski trails, 70 km of snowshoe trails, ice skating on the outdoor rink, dog sledding, tobogganing, ... ideal for a family holiday, a first time in the mountains or simply a relaxing holiday in the snow
The particularity of the Plateaux de Maîche and the Russey is the multiplicity of cross-country ski run departures: almost every village has a ski and/or snowshoe trail starting from there

Departure from the Combe Saint Pierre: main departure from the Plateau de Maîche, with tracks ranging from the easy track to the red track, which is longer and more difficult. It is also the site for downhill skiing and ice skating: ideal if you want to diversify your activities
Services on offer: off-bag room, accommodation, information point, equipment hire, catering, toboggan run, first-aid post, illuminated Montée run (2.2km, every day from 5pm to 10.30pm).

Departure from the village of Maîche: an easy snowshoe trail and downhill ski resort of La Goule
Services offered: accommodation, catering, shop, information point, fruit farm, equipment rental, sale of royalties
Departure from Damprichard: 3 blue runs, including one lighted run and one red run
Services offered: accommodation, lighted runway
Departure from Fournet Blancheroche: easy tracks but long in distance and more difficult track which goes around the village
Services offered: accommodation.

The Plateau du Russey is famous for its snowshoeing routes
What distinguishes this site is the multitude of trailheads. Each village has at least its own snowshoeing itinerary, with all the difficulties. Enough to satisfy all desires!

Alpine Skiing
Charquemont : 2 ski lifts - 1 toddler ski lift
Master : 1 ski lift

Site Nordique du Plateau de Maîche – Combe Saint-Pierre N°ASCBFC000V504GUO
La Combe Saint-Pierre
Track info
Cross-country skiing :
8 Track (that is 30 km)
1 Verte 8 Bleue 3 Rouge
Snowshoes :
14 Track (that is 70 km)
16 itinéraires
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Plateau de Maîche - Combe Saint-Pierre
Prices & Schedules Prices :
  • Base rate : 6€
  • Youth rate : 4€

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