Baptême en parapente avec Didier Marinet

Baptême en parapente avec Didier Marinet


You do not need to be prepared or to have some particular skills to take off on a paraglider : you just need to have a strong desire and to run a little bit before taking off to get some speed. Everyone can give it a try : children, teenagers, adults...
The duration of your flight will depend on the rising air currents.
You will usually take off from the Sorgia and fly above Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. There is a 800 m difference of height and a 12 km road made of asphalt between the take-off from the Charmante and the landing in Confort.
If the weather is bad on the Sorgia (a northern wind too rough), it is also possible to take off from other places such as Port next to Nantua.

Baptême en parapente avec Didier Marinet
Décollage depuis différents sites : Le Sorgia, Le Port
suivant les conditions météorologiques
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