Saveur d'Angkor

Saveur d'Angkor


The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in South East Asia. It is surrounded by Thailand (formerly known as Siam) to the northwest, Laos to the northeast and Vietnam (formerly known as Annam) to the east and south. The language is Khmer, the oldest language in Southeast Asia. The beauty, goodness and courage of this people takes on meaning. Cambodia is known for its ancient civilisation, its smiling people and the original and inimitable flavour of the culinary speciality. The Khmer kingdom hides in its countryside, in the secret of the family, an invaluable treasure: a cuisine that is at once authentic, original, diverse and simple. The cuisine of Cambodia is linked to the traditions of the Khmer Empire, the cradle of the country's civilisation, and has been handed down from mother to daughter since its origins, and has been enriched by contact with other neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. An incredible alliance between the flavour and colour of natural ingredients reveals all the charm of Khmer cuisine. It is this treasure that the chef, Vannak EN, former Cambodian cook in an Asian restaurant (with Cambodian, Japanese and Thai specialities) in Lyon, proposes to you to discover. With fresh products and a distant flavour, his dishes are both refined and spicy.
The menu we offer includes a wide range of Khmer and Thai cuisine. For example, the beef salad is the special starter of the house. It consists of lettuce, soy, carrot and beef, all mixed with the house special sauce. The spicy and refined taste is a typical Khmer sauce mixture. Come and taste the atypical cuisine. Our team welcomes you in a new clear, warm setting. The chef will make you discover the freshness and the distant flavour of the land of smiles. Saveurs d'Angkor has its roots in Lyon, more precisely at 118 rue des Charmettes in Lyon 6º. This is where the chef introduced our customers to Thai gastronomy. It was one of the best Thai restaurants in Lyon.

Saveur d'Angkor
28 rue du 4 septembre
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From 01/01/23 to 31/12/23

Saveur d'Angkor
Saveur d'Angkor

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