Le Rucher du Dje
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Le Rucher du Dje


Our family business consists of beekeeping, honey collection, sale of bee products and beekeeping equipment.

-> Our philosophy in beekeeping :

* We raise our bees in the respect of their natural cycle, that's why we put in place various elements like the choice of the place where our swarms will be raised.

* By planting melliferous plants every year, we try to complete the current lack of the environment where our apiaries are located.

* During the season we carry out treatments if necessary to preserve the health of our bees, which are attacked by new predators every year.

-> Our internet shop offers you all the products you can find on our farm.

* Honey from the Jura :
Quality honeys from the Jura harvested less than 20 kilometres from the farm. Different honeys according to the season are on sale: Spring honey, acacia honey, all flowers honey, forest honey, mountain honey, fir tree honey.

* Products of the hive:
We also offer products of the hive made in our processing lab: gingerbread, nougats, candy, candles and wax for your cosmetics, royal jelly, Propolis.

Le Rucher du Dje
La Tuilerie
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  • Sweet Shop/Factory
  • Bee products
Le Rucher du Dje
Le Rucher du Dje

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