Atelier - Galerie de Mireille Belle

Atelier - Galerie de Mireille Belle


The act of creating is my breathing, my works sign my place as a Living among the Living.

My supports for work, play and experimentation are: oil and acrylic painting, sculpture in clay, resin, wood, assembly, bronze, natural materials, snow, ice and sand.
I alternate the solitary work of the studio with symposiums all over France (combining landscape scale realisations and life time with artists from other horizons) and with exhibitions where my works live differently in the confrontation with the other's viewpoint and history.

My sculpture, expressionist, asserts without concession the risk of the other, the danger of the living: strength and softness, modesty and cry, Ying and yang, the ephemeral rhythm of life.
From the encounter between my hands and the material, new, moving beings emerge, a new humanity, strong, out of fashion, without artifice?

My oil painting, centred on soft and colourful bodies, is completed today by a research in acrylic which escapes from the subject towards a purely pictorial research of colours and lights.
In my latest "Red Variations", I explore traces, lines, bursts for a powerful and aesthetic visual impact.

Each attempt, each creation, is an experience and a journey to a new land. Escapades often chaotic in the absence of a marked path. And as the unknown is immense and rich, as my curiosity and desire are intense ... I need as soon as one path ends to try another.

Situated on the uneasy thread of life, my creation as a whole speaks of the authentic richness of our differences, of the human, of a temporary journey.

Atelier - Galerie de Mireille Belle
20 rue de Savoie
01300 BELLEY
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From 01/01/24 to 31/12/24

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