Balades sonores : parcours Toby le chien

Balades sonores : parcours Toby le chien


The Toby Chien Course is two ways of looking at the city: through the sound approach of Aurélien Bertini and with the plastic point of view of Michel Dector and Michel Dupuy.! A walk, a course: from Montrapon at the Cité des arts, in the company of two artists who bring their poetic, philosophical and humorous vision to this sound experience. A simple and meaningful route was needed: starting at the top of avenue de Montrapon, near the Technopole Témis and descend gradually towards the loop of the Doubs and the old town that we cross diagonally to reach the Frac. It is a kind of historical, geological, social cut. What some have called a drift (G. Debord) others a transect (P. Geddes).
During the residency devoted to the scouting that we made, we nosed around, questioned, tried to understand, were moved or amused. Aurélien Bertini helped us in our research and recorded us. By following our path, listeners will be accompanied by our voices. They will then be able, if they wish, to adhere to our proposals, to modify them, to prefer them other perspectives, other places. The audio walk leaves a great deal of freedom and pleasure.

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