Belvédère de la Roche Brûlée
Natural Site

Belvédère de la Roche Brûlée


Belvedere and sound site

Located on the opposite slope to La Roche au Dade, La Roche Brulee also dominates the town of Morez.

Behind you, the Risoux forest begins to extend to Mont d'Or.

The point of view here is reversed compared to the belvedere of rock of Dade, but the major landscape features remain the same: vast wooded areas linked to the reliefs, a strong presence of the city and a virtual absence of agricultural landscapes ...

Sound Site: place your hands behind your ears and listen to the sounds of the valley

Accessible by car from the place called Trélarce.

From this site, discover:
Morez and the valley,
The northern part of the Hirondelles line viaducts,
Entrance to the Bienne gorges
Beginning of the Risoux forest
Sound atmosphere (rumor of the city, of Bienne ...)

Belvédère de la Roche Brûlée
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