Belvédère de Repenty
Natural Site

Belvédère de Repenty


The Repenty belvedere offers one of the most spectacular and original panoramas in the area.

The viewpoint overlooks a vast complex of valleys, ridges and mountains, valleys and hills, between Mont Fier, Prémanon and Les Rousses. This diversity of relief is matched by the diversity of landscaped patterns.

To this diversity of reliefs responds the diversity of landscape motifs, whether natural such as forests, gorges and cliffs, barely visible rivers, or of human origin such as meadows, hamlets, villages and farms, all crisscrossed with traffic lanes.

The belvedere itself, due to its orientation, the rock flush with the ground, and its insertion into a system of cliffs, has, like others, an almost southern character.

In addition, its location above a steep slope makes it one of the sites where one feels the sensation of height, emptiness and space the most ...

Sound site: from up there listen to the rumors of the valley! For good listening, place your hands behind your ears ...

Points of interest
• Les Rousses, the village, the bell tower, the fort
• Mount Fier, perched syncline
• The agricultural landscape, the woods
• The watershed line
• Belvédère des Maquisards (opposite) from which the Resistance kept watch.

Belvédère de Repenty
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