Belvédère du Béchet
Natural Site

Belvédère du Béchet


Le Béchet is the third belvedere overlooking Morez and the Bienne valley (Belvedere of the Rock of Dade and belvedere of Roche Brûlée). Located to the south of the city, it dominates it from the woodlands that cover the edges of the Longchaumois plateau.

Oriented mainly to the north, located in the shade of trees and on a rocky peak, the site accentuates the impression of overhang and emptiness.

The panorama that we discover there is very urban in the valley floor and very wooded on the slopes and reliefs.

Points of interest
• Viaducts of the Hirondelles line
• Morez and districts of Villedieu Le Puits
• Morbier church and the Madonna
• Row of the Morez cluse towards Morbier

Belvédère du Béchet
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Belvédère du Béchet

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