Castrum de Montdidier
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Castrum de Montdidier


The castle of Mont Didier was built between the 10th and 12th centuries for the Sires of Coligny in the Revermont massif. The first mention of the "castrum Montis Dideri" dates from the 12th century. Probably an ancient Gallic fortified site during the Iron Age, Montdidier then became a feudal castle during the Middle Ages.

It was besieged, taken and destroyed at least twice during the wars between Savoy and Dauphiné (1282/1355). As the seat of an important local power, the castle reached its peak under the rule of the Dukes of Savoy in the 15th century. Adjacent to the county of Burgundy, it was sacked by the troops of Louis XI (1479/1480).

In the heart of medieval Europe, the building was the focus of age-old struggles between France, Burgundy, Savoy and the Holy Roman Empire for territorial dominance. These border issues were also the cause of the castle's downfall; it was definitively destroyed by Biron and Henri IV's men in 1595.

The remains of the western curtain walls and the high tower, the keep, remain. (Pedestrian access / Viewpoint)

Access from the chapel of St Maurice d'Echazeaux (Ain) or the car park of Marsonna (Jura)

Castrum de Montdidier
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