Château de Musinens
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Château de Musinens


The Musiens castle (13th century) was a fortified castle from where we could see the tolls on the road. It was the property of the Musinens and then of the Châtillon but it then, became the property of the Bouvent family in 1578. After that, the Baudin family purchased it. The last owner was one of Bellegarde's mayor. It is the property of Bellegarde since 1970. It is an important part of the Bellegarde's history and has been built thanks to many beautiful and polished stones. It is only possible to visit this castle for the groups. However, it opens to the public for different occasions such as exhibitions, conférences...

Château de Musinens
Château de Musinens
586 rue de Musinens
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Château de Musinens

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