Cité des Arts et de la Culture
Remarkable civil building

Cité des Arts et de la Culture


This imposing cultural centre, located at the old river port of Besançon, houses the CRR (Regional Conservatory of Greater Besançon) and the FRAC (Regional Collection of Contemporary Art of Franche-Comté).
It was designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, whose design symbolises “the place where nature and the city meet, where inhabitants and river banks meet and where people meet with culture in its multiple forms.”
The Centre of the Arts was inaugurated on 5 April 2013. It is open to the public and provides exhibitions of contemporary art in the two exhibition halls; the programme of music, dance and theatre is presented by the Conservatory in the 290-seat auditorium.
A resource centre, containing the combined collections of the CRR and the FRAC, is also open to the public.
And to make your visit to this new cultural venue even more pleasant, the doors of the restaurant-tearoom
“Le Pixel” are open all year long.

Cité des Arts et de la Culture
12 avenue Gaulard
Cité des Arts
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