Empreintes de dinosaures à Coisia
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Empreintes de dinosaures à Coisia


Let's jump back in time... to the Jurassic period, about 148 million years ago... on the edge of a warm, shallow sea, lagoons, sand and mud flats, sparsely populated land with locally lush vegetation.... Herds of dinosaurs walk in this loose soil and leave their footprints. Strong sunlight dries out the soil, the sea covers the footprints with very fine sediments, further sunlight, etc.: a combination of climatic events allows the footprints to be made. A combination of climatic facts allows this moment to cross millions of years and to reach us.
The preservation of this event from 148 million years ago provides scientists with information about past environments. It also reveals what our region was like... in the Jurassic.
Much later, the uplift of the Alps, due to the collision of the African and Eurasian continental plates, caused the folding of the Jura chain and straightened the layers on which the dinosaurs walked almost vertically.
The site is owned by the Jura Department and is partly in the Coisia state forest, managed by the Office National des Forêts.
An educational panel provides information about the site.
Be careful and watch your children.
(The tracks are to be discovered at the edge of the D60E which goes down to Coisia and takes the road from Arinthod to Thoirette)

Empreintes de dinosaures à Coisia
Site à pistes de dinosaures de Coisia
 Empreintes de dinosaures à Coisia

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