Escape Game : Sauvez la Relique
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Escape Game : Sauvez la Relique


Dive into the twists and turns of history and relive the revolutionary epic of 7 March 1794, in the mysterious basements of the former abbey.

The revolutionaries were seizing the property of the clergy, and no church was safe from vandalism, even in the peaceful countryside of the Jura.
Lejeune, the people's representative under the Terror, has decided to destroy the relics of Saint-Claude, but Sieur Jacquet, a faithful servant in the abbey palace, calls on you! He tells you that he has miraculously preserved a piece of the Saint's remains. Fearing reprisals, he has hidden this sacred relic in the depths of the old abbey, entrusting you with the crucial mission of keeping it safe and escaping?

Riddles, history and courage: your mission begins!
Get ready to decipher codes, solve riddles and outwit the traps of the past. Through dark corridors and forgotten rooms, your team will have to prove itself worthy of this mission of historical importance.

Become the guardians of history
Will you be able to find this precious relic and escape?
Your courage and intelligence will be the keys to this timeless adventure.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience an exceptional immersion in the tumult of the French Revolution. Get your team together and book your game session today.
An experience that will leave an indelible mark on the history of the former abbey of Saint-Claude.

All year round - groups of 3 to 6 players - minimum age 10.

Escape Game : Sauvez la Relique
Musée de l'Abbaye
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