La Bocquette - L'Abri du roseau
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La Bocquette - L'Abri du roseau


The Middle and Upper Palaeolithic of the Ain gives a vision of small communities of "hunter-gatherers". These prehistoric men were itinerant, living alternately, according to the seasons, in caves and open-air sites.

The "Reed Shelter" can be the occasion for a beautiful walk in the undergrowth, in the middle of summer. From the hamlet of Soblay, it will take you thirty minutes to walk to this limestone cave on the right bank of the Suran, which was inhabited by Paleolithic man. "L'abri du roseau" is a rock cavity that was excavated in the summer of 1985. Various items were discovered by archaeologists, including a perforated deer canine germ, microliths (small carved stones), and a harpoon made from a fragment of deer antler. Objects attributed to the Azilian period. Signs have been set up by the Rando Saint-Martin club with the help of pupils and the place is well worth a stop, just a stone's throw from the Suran, where the coolness of the place is very pleasant when the heat is on. A natural shelter which indicates that the Suran valley was inhabited a long time ago.

La Bocquette - L'Abri du roseau
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La Bocquette - L'Abri du roseau
La Bocquette - L'Abri du roseau

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