La fresque murale des personnages célèbres de Dole
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La fresque murale des personnages célèbres de Dole


As part of a global approach to revitalise the town centre, the square in the rue de la sous-préfecture has been developed to reinforce the heritage image of the city of Doloise, capital of the former County, now a Town of Art and History. The demolition of a wooden building, the Bar Jurassien, has made it possible to clear the view of the Terrier de Santans hotel and its 16th, 17th and 18th century staircases.
A vast blind gable of the building next to this new public space provided an ideal support for honouring the men and women who have marked the history of Dole over the past ten centuries by creating a trompe-l'oeil fresco that shows them on characteristic elements of Dole architecture. The shop on the ground floor also showcases the city's age-old know-how (Bleu de Dole, cheese factories, foundries, etc.).
This fresco was created by Camille Semelet, Alain Locatelli, Sylvie Casartelli and Anaïs Mazuez, muralist artists from the Haut les Murs collective. It was inaugurated by Jean-Baptiste Gagnoux, mayor of Dole and Jean-Marie Sermier, deputy of the Jura, on September 23, 2017.
The work was awarded the 2017 Pinceau d'argent in February 2018.

La fresque murale des personnages célèbres de Dole
Rue de la sous préfecture
39100 DOLE

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