Le Lac Bleu
Natural Site

Le Lac Bleu


It is accessed via the Rue de Vareilles, which runs through the hamlet of the same name. The entrance to the valley is bordered on the left by the park of the Château de Tricaud and on the right by that of the Château des Echelles.

On the way you come across a calvary and a wash-house... At the foot of the valley is the Grotte du Gardon where numerous archaeological digs have brought to light remains from the Neolithic period.

The place owes its name to the presence of an old copper mine on the banks of the Gardon. Copper oxidises when it comes into contact with water, producing a bluish colour. It is possible that this is simply the reflection of the light on the bottom of the water. Unless you prefer to believe in a magical effect...

Please note that the site is not suitable for swimming or water sports. Nature is beautiful and belongs to everyone. It is up to everyone to be responsible for it. Please do not park your vehicle in unauthorised areas, please take away your rubbish and respect the tranquillity of the area and its inhabitants.

Le Lac Bleu
Rue de Vareilles
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  • Pets welcome
  • Picnic area
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From 01/01/24 to 31/12/24

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