Le train panoramique suisse à la Cure

Le train panoramique suisse à la Cure


The "Nyon-Saint-Cergue-Morez" train line runs to La Cure, a border hamlet located 3 km from the village centre of Les Rousses, in Nyon, Switzerland. The famous little red tourist train allows you to admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Haut-Jura, embracing at a glance the basin of Lake Geneva, the admirable Alps and the Mont-Blanc.

A little history
With the completion of the Nyon-Saint-Cergue-Morez railway line in 1921, La Cure benefited from a link with Nyon in Switzerland and with Morez in France (PLM station). The French part of this line was closed in 1958, and the line now stops at La Cure, just before the border.

A year-round ride
This train runs every day of the year, with a departure every hour during the day, and reaches Lake Geneva. Discover Nyon, its old town, its museums, etc. In Nyon, a train connection allows you to reach Geneva (TGV station) or Lausanne. A day ticket allows you to travel between La Cure and Nyon, with different stops if you wish: La Givrine, Saint-Cergue, Arzier to discover the Toblerones trail..
On arrival in Nyon, you can also take the boat. Different destinations are proposed. The "train + boat La Cure-Nyon then Nyon-Yvoire" package is a day trip that delights young and old alike: https://www.lesrousses.com/decouvrir/la-station/franco-suisse/excursion-en-train-et-bateau-la-cure-nyon-yvoire.html

Good to know
You can buy in the Tourist Offices of the Resort:
- the adult train ticket La Cure - Nyon (round trip) with a discount in the Rusé chequebook
- the train+boat combination La Cure-Nyon-Yvoire (round trip) . Boat schedules are reduced in winter.
All other tickets can be bought at the ticket machine at La Cure station.
You can reach La Cure during the tourist season with the Skibus and Estibus (depending on the season): http://www.lesrousses.com/pratique/transports/se-deplacer-dans-la-station.html.
Don't forget your identity papers if you decide to go through customs!
Be careful, the currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc and the traffic rules are different: http://www.lesrousses.com/decouvrir/la-station/franco-suisse/conseils-utiles-pour-la-suisse.html

Le train panoramique suisse à la Cure
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