Le Vert Clair
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Le Vert Clair


Claire and her smile (even behind the mask...) welcome you in this place like no other...

Here, the key words are: exchange, sharing, conviviality. In short, a multiple place to spend a nice moment.

Le Vert Clair is:

- A tea room, yes, but not only! The vast choice of teas and herbal teas (made in Métabief), coffees and chocolates (organic), juices and syrups (from Jougne) is completed by special drinks concocted by Claire. And for a touch of greed, you can choose between homemade cookies or let yourself be tempted by our village bakers and come and eat their creations here, because yes, picnics are allowed.
Some come to chat with friends, others use the wifi to work or browse through one of the magazines provided, parents relax while their children play in the space provided for them, young people sit on the mezzanine with comics and board games. How will you enjoy it?

- An exhibition of local arts and crafts: On the walls and furniture around you, you will find objects made with passion by local people. From paintings to jewellery, from herbal teas to animal pictures, from wooden lamps to baby sarouels, from fabric creations as an alternative to disposable items to planting cards, from pestos to soaps, from bags to mugs... a wide range to be sure to find the gift that will please you or your loved ones, while supporting local trade.

- A socio-cultural space because Le Vert Clair also offers workshops, conferences and discovery evenings of all kinds. Massage, storytelling for children, yoga-brunch, crafts, plant painting, concerts, game nights, there are so many possibilities! Check out the website or facebook or come and chat with Claire to find out about the programme put together with the village's animation committee. And don't hesitate to make suggestions because this place is at your disposal!

- We have also installed a book box to circulate the writings you have liked. You can take books, but also DVDs or comics, and then put them down somewhere else, lend them to others, or bring them back, as long as the culture travels!

- Finally, Vert Clair is also a counter for the local Franc-Comtois currency "la Pive". Here you can pay in pives but also ask questions, join, and exchange money on the spot. Another way to support your region that we believe in.

And, to stay in line with our values, we tend to "zero waste" and responsible consumption by choosing local, ethical, organic and recycled products. A vast programme!

In short, the Vert Clair is a place to discover, which seeks to offer a pleasant moment to everyone. And then.... entry is free, so be curious!!!

Le Vert Clair
1 Place de la Mairie
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