Parc des Vernaux
Park and garden

Parc des Vernaux


The “Parc des Vernaux” (Vernaux Park), which is located in the heart of the Tavaux forest, is a place of relaxation and conviviality available to the public. There is a playground for children to play under the supervision of parents, which is regularly controlled and secured.
In the same area, and to the delight of the public, there is a wildlife park covering an area of about two hectares, which is home to various species of birds, and where you can see Sika deers, fallow deers, goats and llamas…
If some remain shy, these animals are not stingy with familiarity, and willingly pose for photographs.

Parc des Vernaux
39500 TAVAUX
  • Pets welcome
Parc des Vernaux

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