Réserve naturelle régionale de la Côte de Mancy
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Réserve naturelle régionale de la Côte de Mancy


The Côte de Mancy, classified as a Regional Nature Reserve (RNR) since 2010, is a small preserved treasure, a few steps from the town of Lons-le-Saunier. The site has also been classified Natura 2000 since 2002. It consists of the former communal pastures of Macornay and Lons-le-Saunier. From 1996 to 2008, it was a voluntary nature reserve.
In order to protect the incredible diversity of flora, fauna and flora that have taken up residence on these dry grasslands, it can only be explored on foot (bicycles are forbidden) and in compliance with the regulations (for the more romantic among you, it is forbidden to pick your own plants); for the more sporty, that sporting events are forbidden, as well as horse riding, but you can still run or climb on the southern quarry; for the more adventurous, that bivouacking, camping and fires are forbidden; for those with companions, that dogs must be kept on a lead). This regulation on a peri-urban site makes it possible to reconcile the presence of 20 different habitats on less than 50 hectares while remaining open to human use.
Instructive panels inform visitors about some of the magnificent species present in this area (orchids and remarkable flowers, insects, butterflies and reptiles, mushrooms), but also about the different uses that Man has made of it throughout history, thus shaping this landscape! The level of naturalistic and biohistorical knowledge is such that more than 2700 species are listed in the permanent inventory, with complete data going back to 1858 (and between 1813 and 1834 for more incomplete data).

The Mancy walk, with a very low gradient, can be discovered by all ages and offers, as a bonus, superb views over Lons-le-Saunier and the Sorne valley: a great breath of fresh air and nature in perspective!

A signposted route ensures that you don't get lost on the hillside. In 2021, seven interpretation panels on the environments crossed have been installed for walkers.

A treasure hunt will allow you to discover the site independently in a fun and educational way. Contact: Willy GUILLET on 03 84 47 24 11 or by e-mail; Clémence LAPPRAND on 03 81 53 04 20.

Réserve naturelle régionale de la Côte de Mancy
Chemin de Mancy
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Réserve naturelle régionale de la Côte de Mancy

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