Roche de Cuiron
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Roche de Cuiron


At this point, one can see the remains of a Gallic oppidum of about 4 ha, once called "Caesar's Camp", surrounded by stone levees and bordered on the west by the cliff. Was it a camp, a village or a place of worship? the mystery remains!
A magnificent observation post on the Bresse near the Col de la Pérouse, a crossing point between the plain and the mountains. For the Celts, was it a border post between Sequanes and Ambarres?
(As a reminder, in 58 BC, 350,000 Helvetii passed through this side of the Jura to cross the Saône towards Trévoux and triggered the Gallic War).
Nearby: Caesar's pot, Caesar's seat

Astronomical observatory of the Signal de Cuiron
Exceptional panorama, which confirms the historical use of this site. (Coligny and Antre rock "observation or smoke signals")

Roche de Cuiron
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