Square Simone Veil
Park and garden

Square Simone Veil


The Simone Veil square consists of a garden and a bandstand installed in 1895 according to the plans of Tony Ferret, departmental architect from 1884 to 1919. The garden of the Simone Veil park is the largest in the city, laid out in the pure style of French gardens: pruned shrubs, straight paths, symmetrical flowerbeds forming patterns. Imposing and varied trees form a beautiful setting: lime trees, beech trees, chestnut trees, walnut trees, garlic trees, not forgetting three plane trees that are more than a hundred years old and can be recognised by their flared trunks in the shape of an elephant's foot with a circumference of more than three metres! The latter are classified as remarkable French heritage (A.R.B.R.E).

To the right of the kiosk, you cannot miss the weeping beech tree planted at the beginning of the last century, which is particularly remarkable in full leaf. It slightly hides the memorial in the shape of a ship's bow erected in memory of the dead of the colonial wars in North Africa.

Square Simone Veil
Angle du Boulevard Maréchal Leclerc et de l'Avenue Alphonse Muscat
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Square Simone Veil
Square Simone Veil

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