Create your own cycling itinerary!

The Points-Nœuds network in Doubs

Doubs Tourisme / Laurent Cheviet

Fancy exploring Doubs by bike, alone or with your family, friends, or sports partners? The Points-Nœuds network invites you to create the itinerary that matches your preferences. There are no constraints and it couldn't be easier! So, on your bike and follow the guide…  

Doubs Tourisme / Laurent Cheviet

What is it?

The Points-Nœuds system is based on numbered intersection markers that make it easy for users to travel between the numbered intersections on a route that, in effect, they have created themselves.

This grid is designed to allow cyclists all the freedom they want to establish an itinerary that accommodates their own preferences and abilities.

Doubs Tourisme / Laurent Cheviet

Cycling with a sense of total freedom

For cyclists and e-bikers, the Points-Nœuds network offers the ideal playground for novices and experts alike.
No matter what your departure point, you get to choose your route and direction, to make the most of your bike ride in the great outdoors.

  1. First, obtain your network map,
  2. Determine your route by entering your intersection numbers on the labels which you can download online,
  3. And off you go on your adventure!
Doubs Tourisme / Laurent Cheviet
Getting organised with the help of a paper map

Where to find the map?

The Points-Nœuds map for the two sectors covered by the network is available free of charge at the tourist offices of the regions concerned, and from the Doubs Tourist Board on request.

 Doubs tourist offices 

Damien Mouchet

Better prepared for greater enjoyment!

With map in one hand, pen in the other, it's time to create your ideal itinerary...

To make life simple and offer you peace of mind along the route, you can download the Points-Noeuds labels after entering the intersection numbers of your bespoke itinerary. Then all you have to do is attach the list to your handlebars and follow the numbers for a lovely stress-free ride!  

You'll find maps at the tourist offices of the sectors covered or by downloading below.

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