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Top 6 picnic spots

By the water, with a lake view, a 360° panorama, in the Jura vineyard or on top of a mountain... check out our selection of the best places to enjoy a peaceful picnic in the Jura Mountains. Click this way for our Top 6 spots!

Maud HUMBERT / Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme

Mont d'Or summit

On the mountaintop

If there's one picnic spot we can't leave out it has to be the Mont d'Or. That's right, the Mont d'Or is the mountain that gave its name to the famous cheese which can be enjoyed hot as "boîte chaude" or cold in a picnic!

So rise to the picnic challenge!  Put a box of Mont d’Or in your rucksack and climb to the top of this mountain, the highest point in the department of Doubs (1,461m). When you get there, your efforts will be twice rewarded as you savour your delicious Mont d'Or cheese while gazing at the stunning view of Lake Geneva and the Alps!

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Pic d'Oliferne

A bird's-eye view

On this peak in Jura, you can stop for a picnic just about anywhere:

  • at the summit enjoying the breathtaking view over the Coiselet Lake,
  • near the castle ruins, 807 metres above sea level,
  • on the clifftop, sitting on the grass facing the Mont-Blanc (which you can see on a very clear day).

And for the less adventurous, you'll even find a designated picnic area and cabin in the woods. So there's something to suit every preference!

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Elisa Detrez et Maxime Coquard - Bestjobers

Coyron panoramic viewpoint

Above a lake

Up here, your picnic promises to be very pleasant for the view alone. You'll forget all your worries as you gaze down at the deep blue lake of Vouglans.

Its blue immensty invites you to embrace the motto "carpe diem" and enjoy the here-and-now, listening to the calm silence. And the icing on the cake is when the nearby picnic table beckons you to enjoy a slice or two of saucisson and a piece of Bleu de Gex cheese, washed down with a nice glass of wine! 

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Michel Joly BFC Tourisme

Evolution 2 Complex

On the banks of the River Loue

On the Loue riverbank, the picture postcard comes close to perfect: wicker basket, gingham tablecoth, pocket knife, a piece of Comté or Morbier cheese, and the gurgling river!

Afterwards you can head for Evolution 2, a small leisure complex where you'll find a host of activities, ideal for burning off those calories or just having fun. Between a treetop adventure trail above the River Loue, canoeing, kayaking, via ferrata, rafting and canyoning, you'll be spoilt for choice.

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Michel Joly BFC Tourisme

Roche Sarrazine panoramic viewpoint

With castle view

At the Roche Sarrazine panoramic viewpoint, you can enjoy your sandwich as you admire the view with the massive outline of Joux Castle which, by the way, is open to the public!

For the curious, there's a viewpoint indicator with explanations to give you a little insight into the fabulous landscape that unfolds before your eyes.

Looks like rain? No worries! You can enjoy your packed lunch in the shelter that you'll find at the picnic area.


CIVJ BFC Tourisme

Around Arbois

Jura wines and vines

If you like the sound of a picnic washed down with a nice little glass of Jura wine, then why not organise a lunch at the source, right in the middle of the Jura vineyard? On the menu: Jura wines of course, plus a few regional specialities! Comté cheese goes particularly well with the wines of Jura, be they white, red, or yellow like the famous "vin jaune"!

In the area around Arbois, the village nicknamed the capital of Jura wines, you'll have no trouble finding a pleasant spot in the vineyard at which to spread your checked tablecloth and follow up your tasting session with a picnic.

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