The Xavier Thévenard trail-running area can be found in the heart of the Jura Mountains at the exceptional site of the Mont d'Or (1,463m), the highest summit in the department of Doubs and standing on the Swiss border. Discover this training ground with trails ranging from 7 to 42km, all designed, tried and tested by Xavier Thévenard himself!

Xavier Thévenard trail-running area in Métabief

The Xavier Thévenard trail-running area is a superb playground for trail-runners, with exposed ridges, cliffs and 360° panoramic views of Jura's plateaus and summits, Switzerland and the Alps (including of course the majestic Mont Blanc). The grassy ridges are full of typical mountain fauna and flora, and it's not unusual to see chamois, deer, foxes and other species that live specifically in such habitats. The Mont d'Or itself is also full of life, with mountain pastures, herdsmen and their grazing animals (in summer), and foresters. Not forgetting the numerous sports enthusiasts who come to enjoy mountain biking, hiking and other activities in the great outdoors.

This is also the favourite training ground of the great trail-running champion, Xavier Thévenard.

The trails

Mont d'Or 285km
Métabief 10.1km
Suchet Mont d'Or 43km
Morond summit 7.1 km

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