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Best Michelin-starred restaurants

Discover the best restaurants in the Jura Mountains. With their stars awarded by the Michelin Guide and their chefs with a few surprises up their sleeves, they promise to win you over! 

Restaurant le France

Le France *

Between Morteau and La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le France hotel and restaurant welcomes you to the heart of Upper Doubs. This sophisticated establishment is well worth a visit for its inventive cuisine based on locally-sourced ingredients and washed down with some very good wines.

The Chef: Hugues DROZ, Master Chef of France 

Cuisine is all about contrasts, aromas, flavours and tastes that heighten all five of our senses. Creativity is driven by authenticity and anchored in tradition.

I enjoy cooking that is done with a passion, that is heartfelt and honest. Pared-down to focus on the essential, as on the path of life itself, it strives to attain harmony.


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J. Varlet-Faivre

Le Bon Accueil *

Facing Lake Saint-Point, the Bon Accueil has served outstanding cuisine for more than 4 generations. Here, regional produce is all but glorified and everything is prepared on the premises with fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

The chefs: Catherine and Marc FAIVRE 

After training with the greatest chefs (Pierre ORSI, Georges BLANC, Henri SEGUIN...) Catherine and Marc FAIVRE take delight in serving you and sharing their passion. Everything is done to ensure their guests enjoy a very pleasant dining experience. 

Through his cuisine, Marc Faivre reflects his two-fold passion, for his profession and for his region.

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La Maison Jeunet

La Maison Jeunet **

The Maison Jeunet stands in the heart of the charming town of Arbois, where André and Paul Jeunet invented their Royal Hare and other iconic dishes. It now beckons you to rediscover the restaurant and the creations of its new chef. 

The chef: Steven NAESSENS 

Born in the region of Bruges, Steven Naessens knew from an early age that he wanted to be a chef. He trained at a prestigious cookery school and now offers customers his boldly creative cuisine based largely on natural ingredients from the surrounding area.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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Restaurant la Chaumière

La Chaumière *

Standing on the outskirts of the town of Dole, this 21st-century inn features a charming combination of exposed stone and contemporary decoration. The modern and colourfully creative menu promises a sublime dining experience. 

The chef: Joël CESARI 

Joël Césari was André Jeunet's apprentice before he went to Paris. Nowadays, this Michelin-starred chef creates dishes that tell a story. As a nature lover, he reinvents the menu throughout the seasons and takes his inspiration from local produce.

Two watchwords for Joël Cesari: passion and desire.

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Le château du Mont Joly - Restaurant

Le Château Mont Joly*

Overlooking the Saône Valley and just 5 minutes away from Dole, the Château du Mont Joly is a lovely 18th-century building of which the refined designer setting invites you to discover the cuisine of Chef Fassenet as you look through the picture windows at the château's leafy grounds.

The chef: Romuald FASSENET

Recogised as one of the best chefs in France and holder of a Michelin star, Romuald Fassenet works miracles in the art of combining flavours. His career of excellence includes the kitchens of Matignon and top establishments in the United States. He continues to concoct dishes with flavours that burst in the mouth and, as an ambassador to his region, strives to showcase and pay homage to local farmers and their produce. Discover his fabulous wine selection too, put together by his wife and sommelier, Catherine Fassenet. The guarantee of an excellent vintage.

I am attentive to my clients' preferences and take these into account to adapt from day to day and invent new and original dishes.

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Auberge de l'Abbaye

L'Auberge de l'Abbaye *

Right by the Abbey of Ambronay, this bright restaurant with stone walls welcomes you to a village that's full of charm. The many alcoves and contemporary stained-glass windows create a warm and intimate atmosphere while retaining all the spirit, character and charm of this ancient dwelling. The ideal place to try the chef's creations. 

The chef: Ivan LAVAUX

Born in Nantua, local lad Ivan Lavaux has always had a passion for good food. After graduating from the cookery school of Thonon-les-Bains in 1990, he acquired solid experience at several Michelin-starred establishments. His surprise menu reflects this chef's passion for seasonal produce served in generous dishes, as well as his commitment to organic, ecofriendly practices.

When I create a dish, I take into account the season and the weather conditions. Above all, I keep a close eye on the market stalls, because my cuisine is determined by nature herself. 

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Pourny Elise

L'Etang du Moulin * 

L'Etang du Moulin stands at a choice lakeside spot at the foot of the mountains. This restaurant can be reached in both summer and winter by hikers who will be rewarded by the chef's traditional and comforting cuisine that gives pride of place to the local produce of Franche-Comté. 

Le chef: Jacques BERNACHON

Jacques Bernachon is a chef who enjoys heightening all the senses by transforming seasonal, local produce into highly artistic creations. 

 Passion is a very strong emotion. It manifests in a rare feeling of excitement, strong enthusiasm or deep love, towards an individual, an activity, an idea or an object. 

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