Pic et vestiges du château d'Oliferne
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Pic et vestiges du château d'Oliferne


Accessible from the hamlet of Boutavent (in the Commune of Vescles), the Château d'Oliferne, built in the 13th century, at an altitude of 807 m., at the top of the "Pic d'Oliferne", is an incomparable viewpoint. It overlooks the valleys of the Bienne and the Ain, but also the Lyonnais, Savoy, Bugey, Switzerland, Bresse and Burgundy. The Roman colonies established an observation tower here to control navigation on the Bienne and Ain rivers. Although it was considered impregnable, the troops of King Henry IV of France invaded Franche-Comté in 1592 and destroyed many castles, including that of Oliferne.
A pathway lined with explanatory panels allows you to discover the surrounding walls, the castle dwelling, the cistern, the viewpoints and the bewitching legends.

Pic et vestiges du château d'Oliferne

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