Wild yet generous landscapes, friendly villages, tasty local produce, and an incredible wealth of museums and heritage features. The Jura Mountains have all of this, promising you a maximum of joys and discoveries.

Improving your knowledge

Sights and tours

UNESCO-listed sites, all sorts of castles, châteaux and museums, churches and abbeys... the Jura Mountains have surprises to appeal to all tastes!

A breath of fresh air

Natural sites

All over the Jura Mountains, you can be at one with nature again. Summits, lakes, valleys, no matter what the setting, you'll enjoy your perfect escape. You can relax at the lakeside, gaze from a mountaintop, let off steam in the forest or enjoy an adventure on the river ... the Jura Mountains adapt to your preferences!

Perfect menu

Local products

It all begins with a trip to the market to stock up on nice fresh products. Then you simply must visit a dairy to buy one of those cheeses that the locals are so proud of: comté, morbier, mont d'or, cancoillotte, bleu de gex... the choice won't be easy! All you'll have to do next is put together your menu filled with the flavours of the Jura Mountains.

Towns and villages

What would the Jura mountain range be without its irresistible array of charming towns and villages? Buzzing with life, these small towns with a human feel invite you to discover their secret gardens.


Towns and villages

Expertise and craftsmanship

Step inside the workshops and rural museums of the Jura Mountains: wood, toys, spectacles, bells... Each craft bears witness not only to a local economy that's still thriving, but to a whole art of living waiting to be discovered.

Traditions and Craftsmanship
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